California consumers have reason to celebrate, according to the new 2018 Legislative Scorecard by CALPIRG.

Released May 27, the scorecard gave state lawmakers good grades on the 2018 legislative session. New laws include measures to ban toxic flame retardants in consumer products and require child care centers to test their drinking water for lead; to establish net neutrality protections and require security features on all internet-connected devices; and to require more of our health insurance premium to go to health care, not insurance company costs and profits.

It wasn't all good news, though. The Senate failed to pass a bill that would have banned wasteful polystyrene food containers. The Assembly failed to pass a bill to set interest rate caps on payday loans.

"Overall, we're proud of the breadth and depth of the CALPIRG-backed policies that were signed into law in 2018," said Executive Director Emily Rusch.

See the full Legislative Scorecard.

Photo: The California Legislature signed a number of CALPIRG-back bills into law in 2018. Credit: Alex Proimos via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0