CALPIRG 2018 Legislative Scorecard

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When consumers are cheated, when our public health is threatened, or powerful interests have more say than ordinary people, our job is to stand up for the public interest. We’re funded by tens of thousands of individual supporters throughout the state, not corporations or other special interests, which allows us to be independent and focus on doing what’s best for the public.

This scorecard grades legislators on their votes on significant bills CALPIRG supported in 2018, and we are so proud of the breadth and depth of the CALPIRG-backed policies signed into law. Thanks to bills passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Brown in 2018, our electricity will be much cleaner, our consumer products will be less likely to contain toxic chemicals, and net neutrality principles were restored for an open Internet. Childcare centers will test their drinking water for lead, we’ll reduce unnecessary plastic straws from going into our waste stream, and consumers will have stronger protections to keep their personal data secure from identity thieves.

In a time of abundance and great technological progress, California has more problems than it should, and more solutions than it uses. We’ll continue to work for healthier, safer and more secure lives for all in 2019 and beyond. 

Votes in this scorecard

Advancing Clean Energy Solutions:

SB 100 (de León) - Requires California to generate 100% of our electricity from clean energy sources by 2045 - Signed into law

Reducing Exposure to Toxic Chemicals:

AB 2998 (Bloom) - Bans toxic flame retardants in consumer products - Signed into law

AB 2370 (Holden) - Requires child care centers to test their drinking water for lead - Signed into law

Protecting Consumers:

SB 822 (Wiener) - Establishes net neutrality protections in California for a free and open Internet - Signed into law

SB 327 (Jackson) and AB 1906 (Irwin) - Require Internet-connected devices to have reasonable security features - Both signed into law

AB 2500 (Kalra) - Would have set reasonable interest rate caps on loans from $2,500 to $10,000 - Failed in the Assembly

AB 375 (Chau, Hertzberg, Dodd) - Expands consumers’ ability to protect their personal and financial data privacy online and hold companies accountable for data breaches - Signed into law

Reducing Influence of Big Money in Politics:

AB 84 (Mullin) - Would have created new avenues for really big campaign contributions - Failed in committee, CALPIRG opposed

AB 2188 (Mullin) - the Social Media Disclose Act, improves campaign finance disclosure of online political ads - Signed into law

Protecting Health Care Consumers:

AB 595 (Wood) - Gives state regulators more authority to help ensure health insurance company mergers result in better outcomes for California consumers - Signed into law

AB 2499 (Arambula) - Requires that more of our health insurance premium dollars go towards health care and less on insurance companies’ administrative costs and profits - Signed into law

Eliminating Unnecessary Waste:

SB 705 (Allen) - Would have enacted a ban on polystyrene, aka Styrofoam, for food takeout containers - Failed in the Senate

AB 1884 (Calderon) - Requires sit down restaurants to provide plastic straws only upon request - Signed into law

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