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Bill to reduce plastic waste fails to pass Calif. legislature

The California Legislature failed to pass the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act on the last day of the 2020 session Monday. Both the state Senate and Assembly proposed the legislation in response to the deluge of plastic pollution that is littering our streets and ending up in our oceans.

Stop using "chasing arrows" on products that aren't recyclable

By | Emily Rusch
Vice President and Senior Director of State Offices, The Public Interest Network

Today CALPIRG testified in support of SB 343 by Senator Ben Allen, which would ban the use of the "chasing arrows" symbol on products that are not consistently recycled. Read our testimony here. 

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CALPIRG, Environment California and 130+ other groups send letter to Whole Foods Market calling on company to put “Planet Over Plastic”

CALPIRG Education Fund, Environment California Research & Policy Center and more than 130 additional groups from coast-to-coast sent Whole Foods CEO John Mackey a letter Thursday calling on him to commit to a concrete and verifiable plan to reduce the company’s plastic footprint.

What do you think of when you read the word landfill? Did unused, unsold, or brand new clothes come to mind?

Fashion, fashion, fashion… I have to say, I am quite an addict when it comes to buying clothes and trying new popular trends. But have you ever thought about where all that clothing goes after you’re done with it?

Fashion industry experts answer your questions

By | Olivia Sullivan
Zero Waste Campaign, Associate

How to avoid textile “wish-cycling” and why clothing companies need to bear responsibility for the waste crisis their products create.

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New Report Shows What Californians Tried to Fix in 2020, and the Barriers They Still Face

CALPIRG released a new report Thursday, “What are Californians Fixing?” which compiles data from the popular repair instruction website about what items people in California were fixing the most in 2020. The report also takes a closer look at the broader repair ecosystem, including barriers that make it harder than it should be to perform basic repairs and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the things we were fixing.

Report | CALPIRG Education Fund | Consumer Tips, Solid Waste

What are Californians Fixing?

Here in California, we want to fix our stuff – even during the COVID‑19 pandemic.
As people try to stay at home as much as possible, it’s more important than ever that our home appliances and devices are working. From kitchen appliances to laptops, gaming systems and televisions, our tech helps us stay home, stay safe, and stay sane.

We hear from the author and journalist on secondhand clothing, the fashion industry’s addiction to cheap fossil fuels and how to break the waste cycle.

Jessica Schreiber: ‘It’s just too easy and convenient to throw things away’

By | Olivia Sullivan
Zero Waste Campaign, Associate

We need to make it easier for clothing companies to reuse and recycle. Policy, data collection and nonprofits can help.


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