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News Release | CALPIRG

California needs to do 7.5x more COVID-19 testing, earns “F” on scorecard

With the novel coronavirus spreading unchecked across California, advocacy group CALPIRG released a scorecard that gives California an “F” for still not doing enough COVID-19 testing. Health experts agree that testing is one of the most effective ways to combat the virus, but according to a Brown University School of Public Health model, California has to do 7.5 times as much testing as it’s doing now.

News Release | US PIRG | Consumer Tips, COVID-19

Money for nothing: Paying the same car insurance while driving less during the pandemic

While COVID-19 is causing financial difficulties for tens of millions of Americans, auto insurers nationwide have made tens of billions of dollars in profit because consumers have driven significantly less during the pandemic.

News Release | U.S. PIRG | Financial Reform

Federal regulators, states file antitrust lawsuits against Facebook

Statement: "U.S. PIRG welcomes the Facebook lawsuits by 48 state and territorial attorneys general and federal regulators."

News Release | CALPIRG

Statement: Gov. Newsom’s stay-at-home order welcome, but doesn’t go far enough

“There is no good reason to wait until our hospitals are overwhelmed to act to suppress the virus and save more lives. Issuing a stay-at-home order is the right move, but the governor’s order needs to be statewide, immediate and stronger to save as many lives as possible."

News Release | CALPIRG | Consumer Tips, Solid Waste

“Fixed for the Holidays” shows holiday shoppers tips to save money on refurbished tech

With families maybe looking for extra savings this holiday season, CALPIRG is releasing “Fixed for the Holidays,” a guide to buying refurbished electronic gifts. Part of our Right to Repair campaign, this guide helps consumers identify quality items, learn where to get them, and ensure they are getting the best deals.


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