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Gov. Brown Signs Bill to Pull Back Curtain on Prescription Drug Costs

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Statement by Executive Director Emily Rusch:

"Soaring prices for prescription drugs are driving up health care costs for all of us. Experts agree that prices often have no correlation to what the manufacturer spends to research, develop, and educate physicians about their drugs. We are being charged the highest prices the manufacturers think they can get away with. And far too often, the price of medicine increases with no notice to purchasers or consumers.

SB 17, authored by State Senator Ed Hernandez, requires the prescription drug companies to give 60-day advance notice before they increase prices, and requires an explanation for any increases. With this bill, California is pulling back the curtain to expose surprise price hikes before they happen.

The entire health industry depends on transparency and accountability to rein in high costs and deliver the best care to consumers. Prescription drugs are no different. Thank you Governor Brown, for signing SB 17 into law." 

Here’s a recent blog post about SB 17 from Emily.


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