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Childhood Lead Exposure Bills to Watch This Week in CA Legislature

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Sacramento, CA – This week the California Legislature is considering a set of bills dealing with children's exposure to lead from a variety of sources.

• AB 1316 – childhood lead poisoning prevention
• AB 885 – lead in school drinking water
• AB 746 – lead in school drinking water

A recent Reuters story details how lead poisoning currently impacts children in hundreds of areas in Los Angeles County, from affluent neighborhoods to low-income areas. In a number of neighborhoods, more than 5% of children had elevated lead levels in their blood, a rate higher than that found in Flint, Michigan.

Lead-contaminated drinking water at school is one known source of exposure for children. In recent months, there has been a string of reports showing elevated levels of lead in drinking water at a range of San Diego area schools.

Right now, most schools in California do not test their water for lead because testing is not mandatory. A recent analysis by CALPIRG Education Fund gave California an “F” for failing to prevent children’s drinking water from becoming laced with lead at school.

"Any amount of lead in drinking water is unsafe for kids," said Jason Pfeifle CALPIRG Public Health Advocate. "We can't ignore this problem any longer. California needs stronger policies in place to ensure kids are fully protected from this toxic threat at school."


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