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California Right to Repair bill dies in Senate Committee

Broad public support for the reform was not enough to overcome industry opposition.
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The California Senate Appropriations committee failed to pass Sen. Susan Eggman’s (Stockton) Right to Repair bill, SB 983, Thursday, which would have significantly expanded Californians’ access to the parts, tools, and service information needed to fix consumer electronics and appliances. 

This was the furthest any Right to Repair bill for consumer electronics has come to becoming law. The policy had broad, bipartisan support, with 75% of Californians and majorities of both parties supporting Right to Repair. The bill, which passed through the judiciary committee with only a single opposing vote, met the same fate as a similarly popular medical Right to Repair bill that Sen. Eggman introduced in 2021.

Sander Kushen, CALPIRG Advocate issued the following statement in response:

“Sadly, the powerful tech manufacturers won out over the everyday Californians and small businesses that would benefit from Right to Repair. SB 983 could have saved California households as much as $4.3 billion a year in reduced spending on electronics and helped Californians reduce toxic electronic waste. Instead, industry groups’ heavy lobbying effort helped to kill the bill.

It’s a disappointing result, but along with the 22 environmental groups, dozens of IT and security experts, and over 70 independently owned repair businesses across the state supporting this bill, CALPIRG will continue to drive the issue forward. We look forward to working with this coalition to push for Right to Repair on the national stage and next legislative session in California.”

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