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Consumers are paying more money for certain drugs

Pharmaceutical companies delay generic medications

SACRAMENTO, CA - A new study shows Californians are paying  more money for certain  drugs because pharmaceutical companies have delayed  releasing generic prescriptions. The study highlights 20 widely used prescription medications that were delayed in their generic version from the market. 

The California Public Interest Research Group  released the report on  a practice critics call "Pay for delay."   That's when brand name drug companies pay off generic manufacturers to delay putting generic versions on the market.  As a result, consumers end up paying a lot more. The study found in some cases hundreds of dollars more were spent on meds used to treat cancer,  depression and heart disease. 

 "Right now pay for delay is not illegal and we knew it had been going on for awhile and we just put together this report that just puts together the top 20 generic drugs that were delayed because a pharmaceutical company payed them off," said Garo Manjikian, CALPIRG legislative advocate. 

Manjikian says the good news is there a bipartisan bill the U.S. Senate to make the pay for delay practice illegal. The pharmaceutical industry defends the practice saying it helps drug manufacturers  protect patents. 

For a list of the 20 generic drugs delayed in the report, see the below web link.

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