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Cassandra Arsenault

SANTA CRUZ, Calif.- Apples or Twinkies? When it comes to your child's health it's an obvious choice, but now a new study shows where your money is really going when it comes to the products on the shelves, you have to choose from.

The US Department of Agriculture recommends fruits and vegetables take up half the food on your plate, but the Apples to Twinkies Study by California Public Interest Research Group shows the government is actually subsidizing crops that make corn sweeteners for junk food with billions of tax payer dollars.

Since 1995 19.2 billion dollars have gone towards making the ingredients in junk food, and if you divided that up among one-hundred-forty-six million tax payers in America they could buy twenty Twinkies a year versus only half an apple.

The Farm Bill was initially made to help small farmers, but now only four percent of subsidies go to them. The study found that the subsidies are going to some of the most profitable food corporations.

"Things like public health and education are getting the chopping block from our state budget. Really the last thing we should be doing is wasting our tax dollars on junk food ingredients for things like Twinkies that just came back on the market", says CALPIRG Campaign Director, Rebecca Loux. 

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