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Cleaner, healthier buses may soon be coming to every city in California.

Sixteen transit agencies, including all of those in San Francisco and Los Angeles, have already committed to switching their buses to zero-emission technology, and many more are eager to join them. In September, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) outlined a plan to switch all of the state's buses to zero-emission batteries or fuel cell technologies by 2040.

CALPIRG Executive Director Emily Rusch testified before the board on Sept. 28. "All-electric buses are here," Rusch said. "And they’re cleaner, healthier and often cheaper for transit agencies and school districts to run in the long-term."

Committing to zero-emission buses is just one more way California can once again set an example for the rest of the country on public health and the environment.

Read Emily Rusch's blog here. 

Photo Caption: Emily Rusch speaks at a press conference in front of Proterra, a zero-emission bus manufacturer, in support of electric buses in California. 

Photo Credit: Ricky Mackie

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