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In 2019, it's unthinkable that toxic lead, mercury, formaldehyde and even asbestos would be found in everyday items like makeup. Yet there they are.

On March 19, Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi introduced Assembly Bill 495, which would halt the sale of cosmetics containing the "toxic twenty" chemicals—20 chemicals that are known to cause cancer, damage reproductive health and disrupt hormones. The bill is co-sponsored by CALPIRG and Environmental Working Group.

“No one would knowingly use face powder contaminated with asbestos, lipstick that contains lead, or baby shampoo spiked with formaldehyde,” said Emily Rusch, executive director of CALPIRG. “This bill gives Californians greater assurance that the products we use every day on our bodies are not causing more harm than good.”

While more than 40 other countries heavily regulate the use of toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products, the U.S. government currently exercises almost no oversight. The bill would send a clear signal to cosmetics and personal care companies that it's long past time to make safer products for Californians and the rest of the country. 

Read the press release.

Photo: CALPIRG Executive Director Emily Rusch appeared on FOX2 News to discuss toxic chemicals in personal care products. Credit: Fox2 News

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