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The lives and futures of more than 600,000 California children will soon get a little healthier.
On Sept. 22, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a CALPIRG-backed law requiring all day care centers licensed by the Department of Social Services to test their water for lead starting in 2020. An estimated 600,000 children in the state's day care centers and preschools drink water that could be contaminated with lead. Children are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, with consequences ranging from anemia to neurological damage.
“There is a gap here in ensuring safety for all of our students, and we want to make sure the youngest and most vulnerable are protected,” said the bill's primary author, Assemblymember Chris Holden.
The law is a step forward for California and an example for the rest of the country. However, we think our state can and should take stronger action by taking proactive measures to remove all lead-bearing parts and plumbing from schools.
Read more about the law and CALPIRG's input here.
Photo Caption: California's children will play and develop in healthier environments.
Photo Credit: SuperStockShots via Shutterstock

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