The Trump administration is going to court to stop net neutrality in California.

On Sept. 29, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law that prohibits telecommunications companies from blocking or slowing down internet access for broadband customers—the strongest net neutrality law in the nation. Within hours, the Justice Department sued to stop it, arguing that California’s law was illegal since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sole authority to create rules for broadband internet.

"With the rollback of strong net neutrality rules at the FCC, California's law steps in to help ensure consumers still have access to an open Internet,” said CALPIRG Executive Director Emily Rusch.

This legal challenge is the latest in a string of court battles over net neutrality. Twenty state attorneys general filed a suit against the federal rollback of net neutrality and U.S. PIRG and other consumer groups support a free and open internet.

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Photo Caption: The repeal of net neutrality can lead to slower internet, higher prices and website blocking. 

Photo Credit: Staff