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The do-it-yourself movement is coming to Apple's backyard.

On March 18, California legislators introduced a bill that would make it easier for more Americans to fix our own stuff, making the Golden State the 20th to consider Right to Repair legislation in 2019. CALPIRG is supporting the bill, which would close a warranty law loophole and require companies to allow consumers access to the parts and service information they need to repair their gadgets.

“Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world," said Nathan Proctor, director of our national Right to Repair campaign. "It’s high time we stopped manufacturers from blocking repair, which keeps devices working and off the scrap heap. It’s better for consumers and better for the environment, and whether or not manufacturers like it, more and more people agree: We deserve the right to repair our products.”

CALPIRG's Right to Repair campaign is working to give consumers the tools they need to repair the things they own.

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Photo Caption: Right to Repair legislation would give consumers the ability to fix devices from cell phones and computers to tractors and appliances. (Credit: Dmytro Balkhovitin via Shutterstock)

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