CALPIRG Students Travel to Sacramento in Support of Climate Action

By Jason Pfeifle
Public Health Advocate

Wednesday was a historic day at the Capitol as the Legislature passed SB 32, a landmark climate bill that will extend California's emissions reduction target to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. CALPIRG students from across the state made the trip to Sacramento to show their support for this historic climate legislation.

California is on the front lines of climate change, which is already taking a toll. We are in the worst drought in history, wildfires are raging, and sea-level rise impacts us all. And young people have the most at stake in the fight against climate change. That's why students, the future leaders of our state, made the long trip to Sacramento to do their part.

"From a young age, I knew about climate change, environmental degradations, and pollution problems," said Liam Horstick, a UC Santa Barbara student and the Vice-Chair of CALPIRG Students. "Young people have the most to lose if nothing is done to stop climate change. That's why I've decided to stand up and be a part of making real, concrete change."

Our student leaders spent the day personally thanking California's climate leaders to show them firsthand just how much their work matters to young people and the future of our state.

In the morning, our group met with Senate President Kevin De León to thank him for all he's done to make California a global leader in the fight to cut carbon pollution and stop climate change.

We also thanked Assembly Member Toni Atkins for her leadership in the Assembly, where the oil lobby exerts powerful influence and climate bills face their toughest opposition.


And once SB 32 had officially passed the Legislature, CALPIRG students stopped by to thank Senator Fran Pavley, the author of this landmark bill. Senator Pavley has been a climate champion for decades. In fact, she was the principal author of California's first landmark climate bill, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. Her unwavering leadership and tireless advocacy have helped transform California into a leader in the fight for clean air, thriving communities, and a healthy planet.

After an action-packed day of showing state leaders how much climate change matters to them, CALPIRG students returned to their campuses. Learn more about CALPIRG's Student chapters here: 

Onward and upward!



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